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Major OEM Utilizes PanurgyOEM Team For New Notebook Build-to-Order Program


Manufacturers Goal
A well-established manufacturer of notebook computers required an innovative method to meet the following objectives:

  • Implement a Build-to-Order (BTO) strategy to meet and exceed their customers immediate requirements and fluctuations in demand volume
  • Implement "Just In Time" inventory system to decrease inventory costs
  • Create and promote a responsive and resourceful operations infrastructure that will deliver to the manufacturer's sales goals

Panurgy Objectives
PanurgyOEM's role for this program is to be the primary integration facility for the manufacturer. Our objectives are:

  • Complete final assembly of notebooks. Each order is customized for the following: operating system, processor, memory, display, keyboard and hard drive.
  • Complete integration of wireless technology into notebooks (e.g., make the notebooks "radio ready")

Program Summary

  • Assemble team of full time, trained personnel in 60 days
  • Production capacity - 15,000 notebooks per month (with current staffing)
  • 80,000 square feet of technical and warehousing space
  • Dedicated factory representative located at PanurgyOEM


  • Consistently meet and exceed notebook production and quality objectives
  • Provide cost effective solution for final assembly operations
  • Provide an independent operation that compliments the OEM's manufacturing and sales organizations
  • Direct monthly meeting between the OEM (i.e., engineering, sales, inventory, accounting and administration) and PanurgyOEM operations management to discuss and change processes that immediately impact the day to day operations

Technology and Quality Requirements
The following is an abbreviated summary of the requirements of the program:

  • Material Control
    • EDI link to OEM systems
    • Responsible for up to $40 million in inventory
  • Wireless Integration
    • Clean room
    • RF testing room
  • ESD Processes & Procedures Strictly Enforced
  • Quality Control
    • Processes & procedures documented including diagrams and pictures at technical stations
    • Independent audit process
    • Daily review of production goals
  • HDD duplicating capabilities
  • Extensive reporting requirements

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